Welcome to Vectober: Icon-o-ween – a month-long artistic journey filled with spooky and Halloween-inspired creativity! This challenge invites artists, designers, and creatives of all backgrounds to unleash their skills and embrace the spirit of the season. Throughout October, your mission is to craft a unique icon every day, each centered around a spine-tingling, eerie, or Halloween-themed word associated with the date. Whether you’re an experienced artist/graphic designer or just starting out, this challenge is an opportunity to explore your artistic abilities, experiment with vector graphics, and celebrate the hauntingly delightful atmosphere of October.

Challenge Guidelines:

  1. Duration: Vectober spans the entire month of October, giving you 31 days to complete 31 unique vector icons.
  2. Theme: Embrace the Halloween spirit by designing icons and/or art related to spooky, scary, and horror-themed words. Each day, you’ll receive a word prompt to guide your creative process. Words are open to interpretation. We aren’t sticklers. This is just about having fun. See step 6.
  3. Materials: Feel free to use these prompts for any art style; using any medium. Feel free to explore different styles and techniques. Traditionally icons are made with vector graphics programs. We don’t need to be traditional. Do whatever you want.
  4. Sharing: Share your daily creations on social media using the hashtag #Vectober and #Iconoween. This allows you to connect with fellow artists and showcase your talent. Also would be dope if you could share the prompt list & flyer as well.
  5. Engagement: We encourage interaction and feedback among participants. Comment on and support each other’s work to foster a vibrant creative community.
  6. Have Fun: Most importantly, have fun and let your imagination run wild! Vectober is about creative exploration and embracing the Halloween spirit.